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NorthShore MegaMax Overnight Diaper Style Briefs with Tabs


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Total Lockdown Protection from Leaks, Floods & Odors – Simply the Best!

Up to 12 hours of massive absorbency and wicking ability. Large, heavy-duty refastenable tape tabs with a frontal landing zone to keep the brief snug and comfortable. Extra-wide, extra-long absorbent core for added protection for restless sleepers. Smooth plastic exterior to resist sagging and odors. Body-close elastics in front & rear waistband.


With a near limitless absorbency and quick wicking core, NorthShore MEGAMAX Briefs are the total package when it comes to protection for up to 12 hours! The oversized absorbent core is the most absorbent at NorthShore & compares to other brands with ISO max absorbency of 6500ml.*

The extra-large core also provides excellent coverage in the front and rear even for that restless sleeper. Tall stand-up leak guards, leg cuffs, and waistband elastics protect against leaks from the leg openings and around the waist.

The NorthShore MEGAMAX smooth poly plastic exterior is strong and durable to resist sagging and odors even at max capacity. Large, heavy-duty refastenable tabs hold securely in place to the frontal landing zone and improved sizing allows for a better fit and leak protection for those with more unique body shapes when compared to store brands.

*Note: ISO absorbency is theoretical max capacity. See size/absorbency chart for NorthShore absorbency before leakage ratings.

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  • Massive Absorbency and Wicking AbilitySave money, reduce changes and the need for boosters with the almost endless capacity of MegaMax.
  • Refastenable Tabs with Full Landing Zone – Large, heavy-duty, refastenable tape tabs with full landing zone to hold firm at full capacity.
  • Improved Sizing & Comfort – Unique right-sized briefs fit better and prevent leaks for wider range of body shapes. Strong elastic in front & rear waistbands.
  • Extra-Wide, Extra-Long Absorbent Core – Maximum coverage in front and rear day and night, even for side sleepers.
  • Smooth and Strong Backsheet – Smooth poly plastic exterior resists sagging and odors even at full capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a sizing guide?

What size options are available for Northshore MegaMax Briefs?

Northshore MegaMax Briefs come in various sizes, including small, medium, large, and extra-large, to accommodate different waist sizes.

How much absorbency do MegaMax Briefs offer?

         These briefs are designed for maximum absorbency, typically holding up to 12,000 ml, making them suitable for heavy incontinence needs.

Are the tabs adjustable for a secure fit?

Yes, the MegaMax Briefs feature adjustable tabs that allow for a customized fit, ensuring comfort and preventing leaks.

Can MegaMax Briefs be worn overnight?

Absolutely! The high absorbency level makes them ideal for overnight use, providing confidence and comfort throughout the night.

Are the MegaMax Briefs latex-free?

Yes, Northshore MegaMax Briefs are latex-free, making them a safe choice for individuals with latex allergies.

What products does Northshore Care offer?

Northshore Care provides a range of incontinence products, including adult diapers, booster pads, bed pads, and skin care products.

Are Northshore Care products suitable for heavy incontinence?

Yes, many of Northshore Care’s products, such as the MegaMax briefs, are specifically designed for heavy incontinence, offering high absorbency and protection.

Where can I purchase Northshore Care products?

Northshore Care products are available for purchase directly from the

Does Northshore Care offer any money-back guarantees?

Yes, Northshore Care provides a satisfaction guarantee on many of their products, allowing customers to request a refund or exchange if they are not satisfied.

Can I find sizing guides for Northshore Care products?

Yes, GSE Medical Supplies a division of Global Supply Exchange offers detailed sizing guides on their website to help customers select the appropriate size for their needs.

What types of products does GSE Medical Supplies offer?

GSE Medical Supplies offers a variety of medical products, including incontinence supplies, wound care items, mobility aids, and personal protective equipment.

Are GSE Medical Supplies products available for bulk purchase?

Yes, GSE Medical Supplies provides options for bulk purchasing, making it suitable for both individuals and healthcare facilities.

How can I contact GSE Medical Supplies for customer support?

Customers can reach GSE Medical Supplies through their website’s contact page, via email, or by phone for any inquiries or support needs.


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