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Molnlycke Wound Dressing – Mepilex Border Sacrum – 282055


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Five-layer foam dressing for pressure ulcer prevention and management of sacral wounds


Mepilex Border Sacrum

Five-layer foam dressing for pressure ulcer prevention and management of sacral wounds

Intended Use

Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Prophylactic dressings have been shown to offer significant benefits and are supported by international guidelines.   Mepilex Border is the only 5-layer foam prevention dressing with 5 randomized clinical trials (RCTs) demonstrating the isolated effect of the dressing in preventing pressure ulcers.   The dressing can be applied in emergency departments, intensive care units, and the OR.

Wound Management

Use Mepilex Border Sacrum for medium-to-high exuding sacral wounds, such as pressure ulcers or surgical excision of pilonidal cysts. The dressing maintains a moist wound environment which supports debridement.  This is normal and to be expected to see an initial increase in the wound size.

Product Efficacy

Mepilex® Border Sacrum features proprietary Deep Defense® technology, providing an optimal balance of strength and flexibility. Each of the unique five layers serves a specific purpose in pressure ulcer prevention, adding to the dressing’s strength, durability and absorbency. 1  No other dressing on the market exhibits these same properties – or the published, peer-reviewed results – in pressure ulcer prevention.

Only Mepilex Border dressings have over 80 evidence pieces to support their effectiveness in preventing pressure ulcers.    The cost effectiveness of Mepilex Border Sacrum is supported by several clinical studies, including real-world  health economic evidence showing a $77 reduction in per patient treatment costs in a cohort of 1.03m patients.

When used for management of wounds, Mepilex Border Sacrum effectively absorbs and retains exudate and maintains a moist wound environment for optimal healing.   The Safetac® technology layer seals the wound edges, preventing exudate leakage onto the surrounding skin which minimizes the risk of maceration.  The Safetac technology layer allows the dressing to be changed without damaging the wound or surrounding skin, or exposing the patient to additional pain.

  • Proven to prevent pressure ulcers – by up to 88% – when used as part of a comprehensive pressure ulcer prevention protocol
  • Mepilex Border dressings Proprietary Deep Defense Technology* addresses the key factor responsible for pressure ulcers, protecting against the extrinsic forces of pressure, shear and friction and managing microclimate
  • Safetac technology reduces the risk of maceration  and minimizes pain during dressing changes
  • Excellent fluid-handling capacity and retention

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