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iHealth COVID-19, Flu A&B 3-in-1


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Achieve immediate peace of mind with our fast iHealth COVID-19, Flu A & B self-test, delivering precise results in only 15 minutes.


Introducing the iHealth COVID Flu A&B Test, your comprehensive solution for rapid detection of COVID-19 Flu A & B viruses. Designed for at-home convenience, this innovative test delivers accurate results within just 15 minutes.Whether you’re experiencing respiratory symptoms or simply seeking peace of mind, the iHealth test empowers you to take control of your health from the comfort of home. With easy-to-follow instructions and reliable performance, it provides the critical information you need to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions swiftly.

iHealth COVID Flu A&B Instructions

  • Swab – Insert the swab into your nostril and swab against the inner walls of both nostrils. Making at least 5 circles.
  • Mix – Place the swab into the extraction solution and mix the solution at least 10 times. Squeeze the tube 5 times with your fingers to ensure that the sample on the swab is fully mixed.
  • Drip – Attach the dropper cap to the test tube, then vertically squeeze 5 DROPS of the extraction solution into the sample well.
  • Wait – Set a timer and read the test result at 15 minutes.


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1 Kit (2 Tests), 5 Kits (10 Tests), 48 Kits (96 tests), Case of 90 Kits (180 Tests)