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Halyard Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves 55080 series


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HALYARD* Nitrile Gloves provide exceptional protection against bacteria, viruses, and chemicals. These durable, medical-grade gloves are ideal for high-risk environments, offering superior puncture resistance and a comfortable fit. Perfect for healthcare professionals, HALYARD* Nitrile Gloves ensure reliable safety and performance.


 What are Halyard Purple Nitrile Gloves?

HALYARD Gloves are premium medical-grade gloves crafted from durable nitrile, providing exceptional protection against bacteria, viruses, and chemicals. Renowned for their puncture resistance and comfort, HALYARD* Purple Nitrile Gloves are preferred by healthcare professionals in high-risk environments like hospitals and clinics.

Key Features of Halyard Nitrile Gloves

  • Exceptional Protection: Tested against 52 chemotherapy drugs and healthcare chemicals, meeting ASTM D6978 and ASTM F739 standards.
  • Durable and Reliable: Strong nitrile material resists punctures and tears for long-lasting protection.
  • Comfort and Fit: Available in 9.5- and 12-inch lengths for excellent coverage and comfort.
  • High-Quality Standards: Exceeds ASTM 2.5 AQL requirement with an AQL of 1.0 for critical defects.
  • Biocompatibility: Meets ISO 10993 standards for systemic toxicity, irritation, and sensitization.
  • Viral Penetration Resistance: Passes ASTM F1671-07 testing for blood-borne pathogen protection.

How to Use Halyard Health Gloves

  1. Clean Your Hands: Wash and dry hands thoroughly.
  2. Select the Right Size: Choose a snug, comfortable glove size.
  3. Put on the Gloves: Slide hands in, ensuring full wrist coverage.
  4. Check for Fit: Ensure gloves fit well and allow movement.
  5. Use During Procedures: Wear gloves throughout the procedure.
  6. Remove Safely: Peel off from the wrist, turning inside out. Dispose properly.
  7. Wash Hands Again: Wash hands thoroughly after removal.

Where to Buy

Purchase HALYARD* PURPLE NITRILE* Exam Gloves from medical supply stores, online retailers like GSE Medical Supplies


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3Occupational Safety and Administration (OSHA): Controlling Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Drugs.
4National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH): Preventing Occupational Exposure to Antineoplastic and Other Hazardous Drugs in Health Care Settings September 2004-165. OSHA recommends changing gloves every hour when working with cytotoxic drugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes HALYARD* Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves stand out?

HALYARD* Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves are distinguished by their superior protection against bacteria, viruses, and chemicals. They are extensively tested against chemotherapy drugs and common healthcare chemicals, meeting stringent ASTM standards for reliability.

Are HALYARD* Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves comfortable to wear?

Yes, HALYARD* Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves are designed for comfort and durability. They come in 9.5- and 12-inch lengths for better coverage and reduced hand fatigue during extended use.

Where are HALYARD* Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves commonly used?

These gloves are widely used in high-risk environments such as emergency rooms, intensive care units, oncology units, dental clinics, and laboratories. Healthcare professionals rely on them for their excellent barrier protection.

How do HALYARD* Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves compare to other gloves?

HALYARD* Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves are known for their high-quality construction and reliability. They exceed ASTM standards for puncture resistance and offer exceptional chemical resistance compared to many other gloves on the market.

What is the HALYARD* brand known for?

The HALYARD* brand, owned by Owens & Minor, is renowned for its high-quality healthcare products, including surgical and infection prevention solutions. It is trusted for delivering reliable performance and safety in medical settings worldwide.

Where can I purchase HALYARD* products?

HALYARD* products, including surgical masks, gloves, and protective apparel, are available through medical supply distributors, online retailers, and directly from Owens & Minor’s distribution channels. Ensure to buy from authorized sources for authenticity.

Are HALYARD* products environmentally friendly?

Owens & Minor is committed to sustainability and strives to minimize its environmental footprint. HALYARD* products are designed with eco-conscious practices, including recyclable packaging and efforts to reduce waste in manufacturing.

How does HALYARD* ensure product quality?

HALYARD* products undergo rigorous testing and adhere to strict regulatory standards to ensure quality and safety. Owens & Minor implements comprehensive quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process to meet healthcare industry requirements.

What innovations has HALYARD* introduced?

HALYARD* continuously innovates to meet evolving healthcare needs. Recent advancements include advanced filtration technologies in masks and improved material formulations in gloves, enhancing protection and comfort for healthcare professionals.

What types of medical supplies does GSE offer?

GSE Medical Supplies offers a wide range of healthcare products including gloves, masks, gowns, and medical equipment. They cater to various healthcare settings, ensuring availability of essential supplies for medical professionals.

Are GSE Medical Supplies products certified and compliant with industry standards?

Yes, all GSE Medical Supplies products meet stringent certification and compliance standards. They undergo thorough testing to ensure safety, quality, and effectiveness in healthcare environments.

What are the benefits of purchasing from GSE Medical Supplies?

Purchasing from GSE Medical Supplies ensures access to high-quality, reliable healthcare products. They offer competitive pricing, bulk ordering options, and excellent customer service to meet the needs of healthcare facilities and professionals.


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