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GRAHAM MEDICAL TISSUE/POLY/TISSUE DRAPE & BED SHEETS-Fanfold Bed Sheet, Tissue/ Poly/ Tissue, Blue, 40″ x 72″


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Fanfold Bed Sheet, Tissue/ Poly/ Tissue, Blue, 40″ x 72″, 48/cs (72 cs/plt) (324) (Part Number is having a ROLLING TRANSITION from a 3 digit to a 7 digit number – You may receive either part number until transition is completed)


Tissue/Poly/Tissue Fanfold Drapes are made with two layers of tissue with middle layer of poly film. The tissue layers provide absorbency while the poly layer provides a complete fluid barrier. The Fanfold drapes are banded offering convenient space savings!

Additional information

Weight 8.85 lbs
Dimensions 11.1 × 11.4 × 11.1 in