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Bionix Lighted Forceps for Foreign Body Removal (10 count)

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  • LIGHTED FOREIGN OBJECT REMOVAL TOOL: This 3mm wide tip is designed to gently remove foreign objects from the ear canal & nasal passage. Also included in this box is a Light Source to improve visibility during the foreign body removal process.
  • FLEXIBLE & STRONG: The Lighted Forceps allow for easy extraction with illumination & magnification that helps improve visibility. Its conveniently shaped spring grip for grasping helps to easily extract foreign objects from the nose & ear canal.
  • CONVENIENT: Ear curettage typically involves more than one person to hold the curette, shine a light & extract foreign objects from the ear. Unlike other tools, the Lighted Forceps helps simplify the foreign body removal process.
  • THE SAFE OPTION: This forceps tool offers visibility on foreign object removal, which is typically a blind procedure. The Lighted Forceps is a safe alternative that provides full visualization of the tympanic membrane with a Magnifying Lens.
  • WHO WE SERVE: Bionix provides quality healthcare products that are designed for all medical professionals, from pediatricians to home healthcare specialists to help better the lives of patients in every developmental stage. – Made in America –


Lighted Ear Forceps, 10/bx (US Only)


Bionix Lighted Forceps combine illumination and magnification to help healthcare providers take less time to see and safely remove ear canal and nasal passage obstructions.

Problem: Blind curettage in the ear canal or nasal passage can result in pushing the object deeper, which can cause damage and swelling making removal difficult, especially with an uncooperative child.

Solution: The Lighted Forceps brilliantly illuminates the ear canal eliminating the practice of blindly excavating the sensitive area.

Result: Complete visualization shortens procedure time and increases efficacy.

Billing Tips for 69210

Tips provided by Don Self & Associates, Inc.

When billing Medicare for 69210, a provider should be cautioned that Medicare, Blue Cross and other carriers do NOT consider lavage, or washing of ears, to be the same as described in the CPT codebook or Medicare Carrier Manual as 69210.

MKT-0035 (REV-D) – Lighted Forceps Sellsheet (English)


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